How bad does a back of the shoulder tattoo hurt?

I want to get my first tattoo this month with a small amount of my dad's ashes in it on the back of my shoulder. The one I want is realitively small. On a scale of one to ten how bad does a shoulder tattoo hurt? I'm really nervous. I'm definitely going to get it though.


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  • So I have a pretty high pain tolerance but on a 0 to 10 scale I would say mine was a 4. They tend to hurt more over boney areas. I think the best way to describe the pain is like something sharp scratching a bad sunburn. You will have it built up in your head more than it actually hurts and once he starts you'll think "thats it?". I have a few and none of hem have left me in tears or praying for them to stop. Good luck and awesome idea with the ashes! Didn't even know that they could do that.

    • Thank you. I have had Crohn's disease my whole life so I have a pretty high pain tolerance. I just don't know what the sensation is gonna be like but you've calmed my nerves a little. Friend me on here?

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    • I have one the stretches across my back from shoulder blade to shoulder blade, it's not so bad. You'll do fine = )

    • Thanks. 😊