If a girl tell you to be patient and she have your number, what do that mean?

I had gave a girl my number and I had ask her why she didn't text me she told to be patient and she have my number.


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  • With the given scenario and details you've provided: To test you if you'd actually wait, she's simply not into you and just don't know how to politely say no (No matter how I see it, there's no polite way to say, no), her parents wishes her to start dating at a certain age (there's a few out there), or she has a man (if you do see her in another man's company (intimate or "very friendly"), just move on). I have not met a woman, where one of her family member gives her a lover's embrace, hold her hands like lovers do, or kisses her).

    I don't care if that woman may or may not be my "soul mate" (if you believe in that), but personally, I don't have time for all that mind games (I'll get back to you to see if you're even worth my time to pursue... for the meantime, I'll go ask someone new). This has got nothing to do with, "What's the rush? If she likes you, she'll call you." Because to me, if she likes you, she would already have said yes. Some women won't take that kind of risk to let their interest slip them. But hey, every guy thinks and takes action differently with this scenario, you just need pick which path you want to take.

  • That means you are second choice. Because she is after someone else.