How to stop being so nervous in public, especially classrooms?

I'm a sophomore in college with pretty bad social anxiety. Those two definitely don't mix since college pretty much requires for you to be social 80% of the time. In some classes I get extremely nervous in, especially when I am the one having to talk in front of 20-30 students about something. How do I reduce my nervousness in these types of situations, or in public altogether?


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  • I'm the same way, I'm extremely shy, I don't usually talk much to anybody, I'm in my third year of college, what I've found helps is to start small, find a few people that you have classes with and talk to them, just one or two people, then slowly start talking to more people. Just keep expanding the people you know. Some will help you, but some will try to hurt you too. Just have to learn how to read them, it takes time.

    • I still panic when I'm in a public place for to long, or crowded by to many people, but it's not as bad as it used to be.

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  • Once you find out
    Tell me 😂 I have bad anxiety too

  • Look up Dr aziz on youtube. He has all kinds of videos on social confidence !:) short and to the point.

  • Hi, I also suffer with social anxiety to a point where sometimes skipped classes because I couldn't handle the thought of entering a room with lots of other people.

    However I just had to lie to myself and tell myself that I was confident because at the end of the day you're spending a lot of money and putting it towards your future and you don't want to end up holding yourself back. Just smile, use breathing techniques to relax, take your time and you will slowly learn to cope.
    Also throwing yourself into situations you wouldn't normally want to be in does help but only in moderation :)


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  • start working out. getting a girlfriend does wonders i find. go and put yourself in a spot where you HAVE to talk to people. for me it was like a fear of heights, i got over my fear of heights by going zip-lineing and i got over my fear of big social events by going to see a band i really liked.
    if its a serious medical condition don't take my advice, im not trained for that hahaha