Who on here plays piano and can help me?

Ok well to start off I've played trumpet for five years now and I've played the French horn for maybe a year now and I'm teaching myself piano that part is easy its just hard using all my fingers and using both hands because my left hand fingers aren't strong for very fast at hitting the keys and I've been trying to practice everyday but still doesn't happen. So any tips? What should I do to be faster?


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  • i do =] okay well like u said, u need to practice everyday. to get ur fingers moving faster, place all ur fingers on the respective notes and just keep playing them repetitively to get the feel of it. once ur comfortable with the speed, try adding in more notes and focus on not just the speed ur playing with but also the smoothness in not transition. u don't want it to sound fast but sloppy u know?

    also, in notes that require slowness, respect that note and give it time. in others, just keep practicing and it'll come to u eventually, trust me.

  • What Blacklonewolf said is mostly right. My left hand and little finger were weaker due to injury so I did more repetitive scales with them to bring them up to strength, but don't overdo it. And even if your right hand is stronger due to trumpet, remember that you may be using different muscles for trumpet, so don't neglect your right hand for that reason.

  • I play piano and I've taught some people how to play before, what I found worked for me as far as the left hand, don't scales over and over with both hands. Not just left or it gets stronger than your right. If you have anymore questions, feel free to message me :)

    • Ow my right is stronger already five years of playing trumpet lol thank

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    • Its simple if u know how to read notes already to learn another instrument but it will be hard when I learn how to play the saxophone because I would be going to a reed when I'm used to a mouth piece lol

    • Very true, I'm a brass player, I don't think I could ever play woodwinds.