Is the snake eyes piercing good?(the horizontal one on the tip of the tongue) what are the risks & will you be able to talk good after?

I'm planning to get the snake eyes piercing the horizontal one on the tip of the tongue, some people told me it can cause infections or something? & that you won't be able to talk after? & other people told me that it's going to heal after you get it but it'll take a week or some, I mean I want to get it but I want to make sure what's the bad & the good you know?, & they told me that the mouth wash will heal it idk? , & when do you have to change the bar & the balls? I heard to get plastic balls & with the metal bar? Do you have too change it?& another question is that what's the risks for the teardrop peircing? I heard there's nothing but I want too make sure πŸ˜‚ Because some people say that you will get a black eye or something? & do you have to change the bar & balls too? by the way I'm getting it for my birthday so I just wanna make sure before I get itπŸ˜‚


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  • I feel like it would be the same practise as healing a tongue ring (normal vertical) I just feel like since it's pierced horizontally the chances of it trying to reject the piercing is higher and it can come out through the skin easier. I used mouth wash when I had mine pierced and it took about 3 weeks till I changed it, they heal fast because the tongue is one of the fasted healing body parts... also yes for the micordermal near the eye you will get bruising around it because its thin and delicate. I don't have the tongue anymore though.