Why am I getting hot flashes in my knee?

lmy whole leg is fine thankfully it doesn't hurt or anything at all , but i keep getting like hot flashes in this part of my right knee... and then it cools down
it keeps hapening

like a warm woooosssshhh of blood in that area
you know like when you put a hot laptop charger on your knee (over your pants) and you forget about it and then you feel its suddenly REALLY warm there
like i put warm/hot water on my pants over my knee
like a sudden blood rush in that area alone

it only started maybe yesterday or something... I don't know whats going on... should i be worried?
and yes i know GAG is not the place for this but maybe someone went through something similar can tell me at least if its THAT serious or not lol or maybe we have a Dr here ( LOL! )


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  • You could have bursitis. It's when this weird little sac thing in your knee gets inflamed, and causes your knee to feel hot to the touch... like noticeably warm. I had it in my knee and this happened all the time out of no where. I ended up getting surgery on it (for other reasons, not just bursitis) and I never had the issue since. If it starts to hurt, then you should see a doctor!

    • oh my :O ! it is somewhat of a big deal... i hope it doesn't escalate

      thanks and i hope you are ok now

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