Write me a scary short story…?

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  • I was walking home from a party,
    I thought I was alone but I was wrong.

    Anyways I'll begin my story from the beginning, it's Friday June 25th
    I was working my part time job at a grocery store called "Stocks More".
    I was putting away eggs when
    My friend " Sasha walked up and said " Hey, having a raging party and I wanted to invite you."
    "Sure" I said , When I got off work I got ready and left towards the party.

    When I got there Sasha was half drunk answering the door " Kiera, what took you so long?" "I had trouble with my car I said."
    Walked in it was an insane party people were high as fuck.

    But one man I think he said his name was "Tool" but I was drunk. I told him he was not my type and walked to the other side of the party.

    Afterwards when I left I walked home
    But something didn't feel right, but I shook it off. I showered and went to bed later that night he appeared.

    He crawled in my bed held my hands above my head and pinned me to the bed. Suddenly I blacked out. Next morning I discovered the blood on the sheets and bruises all over I been raped. I slowly painfully get up have a shower,
    Told my parents what happened they didn't believe me. They said it was all a dream.
    After many sleepless nights I have a gun and knife bear by.

    And for the next seven years he has appeared in my room slowly triggering my descent into hell alone...

    No soul can save me a bright young teenager now a souless zombie.

    • I tried to mix horror and a personal experience into one. This is the first horror story I tried hard to write some feed back would be nice. 😊

    • Wow, that's really scary. I hope you weren't really raped

    • Yes I was 8 years ago.
      But the bastard got it. So everything's cool now.

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  • On a stormy night at dusk a girl suddenly woke up to the clock ringing, as she rubs her eyes trying to make out the time next to her it reads 3:15 a. m. The exact same time the clock would stop and ring every single night. She decides to try to go back to sleep, thinking shutting her eyes off from the horror that was to be seen all around her would suddenly make things better, but.. it did not. Only a few seconds later she has an encounter. A throbbing hand with sharp nails climbs up onto her shoulder. She ducks beneath her covers and tilts her head up only to see a dark figure in the corner of the room, rubbing her eyes once again the figure does not go away but only gets closer. She screams "Get away!" jumping out of the covers and standing on the bed trying to avoid it. Once it reaches the rim of the bed the wardrobe doors smash open, with the doors swaying back and forth, back and forth and they stop. The crowded wardrobe sits with the doors wide open and out of nowhere a "girl" rapidly crawls out.
    The "girl" moaning and rolling on the floor vomits everywhere. So the girl sees her chance and escapes the hell ridden room. She makes her way downstairs tripping and falling on what seemed every step. The "girl" is slowly walking down the stairs and in horror the girl finally makes her way to the bottom running to the basement. Once she gets there she locks the door breathing heavily but there is a sound overpowering her breathing. There is something else with her in there, in the basement there is a guest room with its own mini kitchen and bathroom. The shower water is running and through the smoky shower curtain she sees a figure. The figure is standing in the shower staring directly at her. She runs back up the stairs of the basement to find the door won't open, the figure dripping with crimson red slowly, very slowly makes it's way to her. As the door swings open and the light pours into the pitch black room, she sees the face of the figure, oh but the figure does not have a face, it is a black face with no features. She screams and tries to open the front door and it won't open, from the right the "girl" comes and from the left the faceless figure, from the top of the stairs comes the hazy figure. She starts hearing voices, banging on the door for help. The creatures creep closer and closer. She bangs on the door screaming for help.
    From throughout the neighborhood a loud, horrific scream is heard.

    • That was creepy haha

    • Red no you can't just upvote it, it took me an hour and i lit pissed my pjs righting this because that picture I had to google and I saw so many things on google. 😂 I went through too many hardships for just an upvote.

    • sorry I wrote that AFTER you commented, i'm seriously so dumb, and thanks but it got worse as it went on lmao.

  • Here's a few short ones.
    I just got to my apartment where i live alone when set my keys on the counter, I heard a laugh upstairs.

    Today when I first opened my phone, I found a picture of me, sleeping. I live alone.

  • I was half way down the stairs when I heard my mom's voice yell at me from the kitchen "Jen, come here for a second!"..

    As I took the first step down the next step, I heard her voice again, her room door was slightly ajar (up stairs), and the voice came from up there "No, don't go, that wasn't me".. 😳😦

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