Does she look down on me?

So I was talking to this girl saying I was starting my own business and she just stopped replying, then later on asked what it was, which I told her, again no reply. This girl and me started out in a tier 1 university but I left the program and am now working on my degree at a tier 2 university, (whereas she graduated and is working a corporate job).

It made me think of my own conversation iwth a friend who attended community college, and told me she got a job (which was not that great). I didn't want to be insensitive to her, but I also felt I couldn't lie and make it out to be great, so I didn't reply for the longest time.

What can I say? I told her to go to University, but she was persistent in not doing that. I wonder if the other girl thinks the same of me, (looks down on me for not completing the program)


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  • Maybe she's busy.