What is freaking wromg with me? Please some one just help?

I can't do shit, like I'm just so effing stupidm why did I have to be me? The only thing I'm good it is looking hot. I suck at conversation like I sound so dull and stupid I don't speak coherently I can't use big vocabulary properly or in the right context (sometimes) I stumble and trip over my words. When I go out Im basically just lost don't understand shit and hear half of the things, I can't do mental math for life, when I try to Learn stuff I end up rememberin it wrong or remembering half of it or forgetting it altogether, I can't talk about memories or share stories cause of my social anxiety and my inability to say it proper manner. I fail in school, I don't do anything. I wish I was different I wish I could actually have conversations about things and talk about food, and electronics and culture and politics, movies, life, history, religion, or even sruff about my fabe topics, something but I can't retain much information and I just sound stupid I can't debate or argue or make sense. I know I sound okay right nowtrying to write this out to u guys but honestly it's not the case in real life. I don't know how to act in public like I don't know how to organize my thoughts and convey my feelings properly. I don't know what to do I want to learn everything and better myself but it's so hard and overwhelming I wish there was some miracle to cure me of this sickness.


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  • Relax, every day is new and different. Todays problems will past. Life is a series of up and downs on an upward graph bby


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