How to deal with a negative body image?

I'm 5 feet tall and weigh around 107 pounds. My stomach is huge and i hate my body. Currently I'm eating as little as possible and taking weight loss/appetite suppressant pills i found in the cabinet.


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  • Oh wow
    I know allll about this.
    I was anorexic/bulimic on and off for quite a while. And I can say I don't purge still, sometimes.

    But first, eating a tiny amount will only slow your metabolism, thus making your body hold on to any bit of fat and water weight, because it's trying to survive.

    Just eat better, and not a ton. Don't starve. Snack on veggies and stuff, drink only water.

    You'll feel better and lean out.

    Plus weight loss stuff is unhealthy. A lot of it is kinda dangerous to your metabolic system as well. It's all chemical based and can mess with your heart. Plus, it'll often deprive you of nutrients.

    To help psychologically, you just have to try and love yourself until you do.
    Take care of yourself, workout, stay busy.
    Going vegan helped me a lot.

    It's a big process.

    And, message me if you ever want to:)