Have you ever done any heroic deed (s)?

Have you ever done any heroic deed(s)?

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  • I voted D. About five years ago there was this instance during the winter when I was walking home, this guy was dragging a woman away with him. She was screaming, asking for help and stuff. This one older man who was walking buy didn't do a thing. I was like 15 or 16 and I was scared out of my mind so I ended up not doing anything. Unfortunately I just followed the older man's lead and went home.

    I can only hope that the woman is all right. The guy didn't seem like the "imma gonna raep u" assailant type. Looked more like they were husband and wife and he was ridiculously angry and dragging her home or something but I dunno.

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    • The grown up walking by should have done something.
      But some people avoid stuff like that at all cost, Worse is people who take out there camera phones and record it instead of calling the authorities!

    • Yea true dat. My faith in humanity drops a little every time I hear about that stuff.

  • Maybe a villainous one,
    I framed my brother for something when I was little, and my mom spanked him for it

  • I carried an old granny's suitcase up the stairs at the tube station.
    Can I join the Avengers now?

  • Two years ago... I was swimming in the river, and I saved a frog, from a snake :D

  • I once saved myself from choking! Too greedy...

  • I sawed an A Holes life the other day... I killed a chit eating dog !!!