Was my professor nice or he just didn't care?

I was a transfer student at this really prestigious b-school.

The prof who was assigned to be in charge of my cohort and was teaching me seemed to pick up on the fact that I was really miserable at the school. Like when I used to come late he'd have this uncomfortable look on his face but not call me out on it, (which he did for other students). Or when I asked him a question he gave me the most hesitant look ever like he was scared he'd say something that may upset me.

I now wobder why he never gave me a lecture on my absences. The other professors were forwarding emails to him about how my attendance was a concern. Did he not give a shit about me as a student or was he being nice?


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  • He was just less hesitant to call you out on your absences than the others.


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  • He must really care about you. I had a teacher who was the same. But like I always did his work and stuff so if I ever did anything to disappoint him, he couldnt find it in his heart to fuss at me

    • Unfortunately my health had started affecting me to the point that I was not a good student, and missed way more classes than was permitted. I was at risk of almost not being able to take a class due to absences.

      It bothers me, because he knew this (I saw those emails that the other prof forwarded him). Wouldn't it be in my best interest as a student for him to tell me my attendance is affecting me?

      I feel like he didn't want to be the bad guy to tell me because that would make him uncomfortable.

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    • Yep. He was one of the good guys who could tolerate what the others didn't

    • Actually most of the professors were really good. Sympathetic figures.

      It's the admissions department who were the real culprits. Yeah I was in the wrong for my behaviour, but I was truly suffering and most could see that. But all they cared about was money.