How do I look emo at my school when it has strict uniform rules?

Im a loner at school and get bullied a lot (im going to boarding school soon) and for once i want to be me at school but they have very strict uniform rules what do i do?


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  • dont look at this as a a curse look at this as an opportunity for the future. one day when you get out of this school and get a job you will have to dress differently. that does not change who you are ,
    i have never been to a school with a dress code but my suggestion is get a copy of the rules and go over them. the trick is find what it doesn't say. there probley isn't anything about hair color. if there isn't pick a color who says who you are. is there anything about makeup? same thing. being emo isn't just the cloths its a like style

    • Ya no make up or dying hair

    • i like the idea one of the other poster had written about the hire style. i would try that avenue. there are so many styles and there has to be one that fits you and not be covered in the rule book.

    • thanks this is my new acount

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  • New account @ninaw33


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