Chinese Student paid my friend to do His Assignment. Illegal in the UK?

So a Chinese student studying in Amsterdam asked my friend from the UK (he's not British but lives here now) to change his assignment.

Edit it. 18000 words for 2 days. He would pay him.

He paid him in advance and my friend did what he stored.

2 days later the Chinese student says it wasn't rewritten. They both speak Chinese so there wasn't a miscommunication. he only said correct the grammar because 2 days wasn't enough and that'd be ok.

So my friend rewrite 2000 more words completely EXTRA (NOT FROM THE ORIGINAL DEAL)

But the Chinese student now wants half the money back and has pictures of my friend.

Can he do anything?


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  • Correct me I I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure it qualifies as plagiarism.

    • It is plagiarism. But my friend did for the money only. He's just worried in case the Chinese guy can do anything if he didn't give the money back

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  • 1- usually it's the other way around. people are paying the Asian kids to do their homework... what's the world coming to?

    2- who the fuck pays someone to edit? who the fuck edits their homework? maybe someone to write it, but edit? just get a friend

    3- he was stupid enough to pay for it, no refund. get a friend to edit or don't edit at all if he didn't wanna pay.

    4- also, who fucking narks? snitches get stitches

    5-he's gonna get in trouble too. he's bullshitting y'all

    • I found out while i was in university that the vast majority of Chinese students were paying for their assignments. But for koreans, Japanese etc whom were not as well off. They'd actually do their work. I personally did 3 Chinese students work for money in university.

      For your second point. You should've seen his work. It was atrocious. He kept repeating himself throughout lol.

      My friend is really worried though because the Chinese kid has his photos and says he will tell the law. I'm not sure what they could do

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  • he can't get his money back. thats not how that works.

    • he could technically transfer back through paypal or do you mean figuratively?

    • i mean its like a hooker no refunds regardless of performance.

    • haha, he's just worried about whether the chinese student can do anything related to law enforcement with him... the chinese student would get in trouble but perhaps he could do that and get my friend in trouble too

  • I don't know but i gained 1 Xper point because i'm the first guy to share an opinion.