Why is the world silent about Istanbul?

The facr that our lives aren't as important as European ones makes me feel worse than the attack itself. Coverage is banned in Turkish media (by people who must be charged with treason once the rat is taken down) and foreign media coverage revolves around tourists who died.

Merkel is "shocked" there may be Germans among the dead. Because she doesn't give a shit if it's not her people.

I don't know how to deal with the fact my life is about as important as an ant to those people AND my government.


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  • I don't know why either. Media is really full if shit these days. Every human life matters no matter where they are from, their race, age, religion, sexual orientation. etc. They make people see what they want them to see and not the truth. It's turning us against each other. We need to stop being afraid and stand up as one species, as citizens of earth. Put the differences aside to take down the real enemy: power, greed, hatred, revenge, jealousy, envy. Those monsters live inside us and can only be destroyed by love. Love for our fellow man. Let by gones be by gones and create a new era of peace since fighting fire with fire only burns everyone. And you have all the right to protest that your government and the media doesn't value you or other people's lives. Fight for your right to live and be treated fairly.

    • You can't protest in Istanbul. I remember Gezi Park, 3 years ago. People were killed. By our own government. Now there are policemen all over Taksim. They attack if you're moving. Not to mention crowded protests are a good target for terrorists.

      Do I have the right to seek asylum at this point?

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    • There is, studying abroad and staying is likely the way I'll go. But that won't happen for around 3 years from now, I want a way to go as soon as possible.

    • If that's the only way for now then you have to rely on that until you can find another solution.