Did she have to say that?

so we recently had our exams and in the language paper one of the questions was character sketch of a certain character. i wrote a couple of posiive points and the ended with saying that the character was a bit arrogant and that it arised from his pride. when the teacher handed back the papers i was shocked when she scolded me for writting that the character was arrogant and that i did it because of my arrogance. this really hurt me. i assumed that a character sketch meant positive and negative traits and i had written what i really felt about the character. she didn't have to call me arrogant for that did she? she cut more that half my marks for that answer. i was just writing what i actually felt and her words really hurt me


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  • Your teacher sounds like a bitch. You're entitled to your opinion.

    • yeah i guess... a lot of students have called her that before this is the first time i had a reason for that. i dont care about the marks its her words that hurt me

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