Why does a guy keep texting you when he told you he deleted your number?

I really hate when I'm having a conversation with someone and they dominate the whole thing. They can express whatever they feel but when it comes to you they don't want to hear it and act uninterested. I was talking to my friend with benefits and he talked about how crappy his day went at work and all the other stuff going on. I listened and we shared some jokes and what-not, I had a couple small things on my mind (school & work) and I decided to discuss it, but everytime I would start off he would never let me finish and kept misjudging me. I didn't mind the constructive criticsim but I really wanted someone to listen to me for a minute, let me get it off my chest. It frustrated me how I couldn't talk freely like how I allowed him too and I told him I just wanted him to let me finish then he could express whatever he wanted. He got mad at me and told me to "go f#$k myself", it shocked me but I was more angered at how disrespectful he was so I told him "I already did, that's why I'm not with right now c%nt. I can please myself better, and to have a good night." He kept texting and calling but I just wanted to be left alone. Finally he said he didn't want to talk to me anymore because I was ignoring him. I was fine with it and told him okay see when I see you. Since then he keeps texting me dumb stuff about delete his number and how I hurt him by calling him a c%nt. I don't feel like I was wrong, I just wanted a fair opportunity to vent just like how I allowed him to.


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  • Sounds to me like he just wants to be the center of everyone's attention. Well, good for you for calling him a c*nt and telling him off. Just ignore him and as for venting about life, write it out in a journal and then when everything bothering you is on paper, don't read it and take it outside and burn it. It helps. :)

    • Thank you for your advice. He can be very verbally abusive when he doesn't get his way and tries to make me feel guilty about retaliating back. People get tired of being a punching bag.

    • Oh good Lord. Yeah, call him a wet noodle and just block him from everything. Lol. No one should feel guilty about standing up for themselves and it's true yes people do get tired of it all. But you're welcome. :)

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