Who here is an INFJ?

We are rare, it says less than 1% have this personality


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  • OOOOHH ME! :D it switches up between INFJ/INTJ though =]


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  • I am INTJ, thought I think the T-F found a balance in me.


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  • I am ;-) And I feel like the definition of INFJ can summarize all of my life in a few words

  • I don't believe in that pigeonholing bullcrap.

    • Why? Are you an expert in psychology or something? Or are you just criticizing a scientific thing you didn't even bother to read about? 'Cause before saying such a thing about a psychological research done over a lifetime of work I feel like you'd better have strong arguments.

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    • That wasn't what I meant. For learning psychology, I perfectly know it's not a science. So don't call it "pseudo-science", just psychology. I didn't mean to engage in intellectual sparring, that's pure nonsense. The question was just whether you had arguments to support your opinion, and obviously you don't - otherwise you would have posted them before.
      by the way, that wasn't a compliment, no need to be proud of it.

    • @Theo27 Well you called it scientific, banding about shit like "you'd better have". You can ask stupid, snarky questions of if you want, then you can console yourself with the assumption that I don't have an answer... but as a snotty little child you're not entitled to an answer, so you get "because I said so" and you will like it! LMAO