Why would a guy purposly reject a girl?

Why would a guy purposly reject a girl he only knows (was is the same class) but have never in any shape or form been sexually or romatically involved with her?

In this case the guy went out of his way to plan something, without the girl making any signs of interest, and that blow her off?

could it be because of a guy friend? im suspecting his friend thought i was into him, when i was not, and he seemd very upset when i noticed me having an interest in his friend.. That literally the only explaination to why this guy would even to this


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  • because i didn't like her enough

    • Like I mentioned, this girl has shown zero interest in the guy, the guy went out of his way to ask the girl to grab a coffee and then rejected her

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    • But it makes no sense since he never tried to make a move on her.. he never showed any interest before that insident.

      In this scenario they are old classmates, and barely talked even then

    • he went out of his way to ask her out for coffee, grabbing coffee with another person of the opposite sex is a universal code for, "I'm interested in getting to know you".

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  • I've rejected girls before, it's nothing new

    • Good for you? Did you read the question?

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