Are you an insomniac?


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  • Yes I have been since the age of five. It sucks because it can make relationships hard but I've learned to deal with it as has my boyfriend. He has a sleep machine at his place and sometimes if I'm tossing and turning (which may lead me to wake up) he throws a leg over me and it calms me down.

    Though when we first started dating we used to have pillow wars. I sleep with about ten pillows on the bed and he would toss them out of the way in the night because I wasn't 'using them'. But as a restless sleeper sometimes I need the pillows to sleep on my side. He and I both have at least three different pillow firmness and I keep the others on standby.

    If I do wake up, which happens often, I listen to him breath and it puts me back to sleep.

    • Wow that is very good that you guys compromise and that he is use to it by now. Yes true it can make relationships hard. Lol I agree it's so hard to find a good pillow to sleep on. That is good that you find the right ones to sleep with.

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    • Your very welcome.☺

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  • Nope, quite the opposite. I have anemia so I'm always tired. So I fall asleep quite quickly!

  • No, fortunately I have no problems when it comes to sleeping. I hope to stay this way for the rest of my life.


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