How can I get revenge on my guy friend?

He was sitting behind me on the bus and he spat something into my hair and I didn't realize that I had a wad of gum stuck in my hair until I got home. Now, I put peanut butter in my hair hoping the gum will come out. I am extremely angry, how can I get revenge on him?


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  • It took me a long, long time to realize this; but it is very true - the best revenge is living well. To show him that he means nothing to you, that you are not affected by his actions, and that you'll do better without him. you doing well in life despite his actions, will piss him off at a whole new level. There is a reason that that has become an old folk saying for so long; The best revenge is living well.


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  • Friend? What are your enemies like?


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  • pranking him worse, like shaving his brows while asleep, or waxing his legs

  • Honestly, if I was your age and he did that to me, knowing that I could get away with a 3 day vacation they call suspension, I'd kick his ass in front of everyone. Or at least one good kick to the balls.

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