Why can't I forgive people who have hurt me?

Can you? I don't know why but I just can't and it kind of sucks. My dad has hurt me deeply when I was a teenager by stop caring and lately now that he has tried to come around I don't feel any love for him, he feels like just a regular person. I can never ever forgive him for the pain he caused me. I've had about three friends that have wronged me during the past year so I want nothing to do with them anymore, ever. I dated a guy who flirted with his ex once and that ruined everything, I couldn't forgive him so I ended it. My point is that if someone hurts me I really take it to the heart and leave. I'm not cold because I will feel very very hurt over the smallest things and I'm very resentful. This makes me lose friends over small issues and I really wish I could forget and find peace within myself but I just can't. I'm too resentful. Does anyone feel the same way? Why is that?

I'm sitting her right now being angry over something a person did that hurt me two years ago. It's not normal.


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  • I'm bitter and oversensitive too, as you are. For people like us, we bear grudges easily and normally would live with very unhealthy emotions and convictions. I guess its because there is a dearth of love in our lives be it coming from parents, friends or a companion. Go read up ab

    • about emotional deprivation disorder. You have have it. I know I do.

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