20 Years old, University is coming up... But I just don't 'feel' ready?

Sort of a odd question I know.

One of my main goals in life is to be working on TV behind the camera, not many places in England have TV University courses but there's one that's a hour's train ride away which is pretty neat. I've spent the last three years in a Media college class, got both my Level 2 and 3 degrees, so I'm set.

Thing is, I just don't 'feel' ready for University.

I'm an Introvert and obviously I don't have a issue being like that, I have what some would call a very young face, I don't really want to have a lot of friends, I don't like parties, I don't even feel up to the whole student halls thing, I'd be happier just taking the train in everyday. More so, over the Christmas period my mum was diagnosed with cancer, so I'm not even sure weather to just drop uni for a second gap year. Plus, even though it sounds bad for me to say this, because of a big issue a couple of years ago I was never able to get my first job either.

Just looking for some direction on where else to go from here


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  • I am an introvert and remember my first year at university. I was in residence with a bunch of obnoxious drunken lads who I couldn't stand being around and had almost nothing in common with. All they cared about was drinking and I was teetotal at the time so I just went out with them when I felt obligated to.

    It was a very useful learning experience. I learned to shop for my own groceries, manage my own laundry, cook my own food. I also learned how to cope with being forced into close proximity with people I didn't like, and I coped by sitting in my room reading or playing games or poking around the internet. I also bought myself a mountain bike so I could escape to greater distances. In second year I lived in a shared house, I had excellent housemates who weren't cunts (well, one was) and I also made some friends that I actually got along with and had a whale of a time for the remaining two years of my course.

    The short version is, you don't have to deal with any of the crap that you don't want to. If you don't feel like partying in halls, don't join in. You learn life skills as well as your degree while you're there.