What's better android or iPhone?

What's better android or iPhone?Or

Which is better?

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  • Having used both, Android is better.

    The reason Apple is so successful is brand prestige, consistency, and rapport with customers.

    Android phones on the whole are more functional and have much better hardware (better cameras, better processors, better form factors), however it suffers from being highly fragmented.

    We often buy things that other people buy, and the Apple logo is as clear and consistent a signal as it gets. You're buying a complete package and joining a community.

    Android is highly customizable (in fact rooting is encouraged) but Android isn't synonymous with what customers are buying and showing off. You're buying an LG, a Samsung, an HTC, etc. These brands individually are not as strong as Apple 1v1.

    If you want the better phone, get Android. If you want the better status symbol, get Apple products.


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