Are men physically put off women's bodies who have had children?

This question sounds shallow and awful I know but is a huge concern of mine. I am a young mother of one, above average height and uk size 10 figure. Most people say that I am fairly attractive but I am so scared about stripping off in front of men now that I am single. Especially men that haven't experienced having children and are therefore not used to seeing a woman's new body after having children. I know I don't look awful but I can't help but worry about him judging the stretch marks I gained or the fact that my breasts aren't as perky as they were. I sound shallow I know but I really worry about this. I would be interested to hear HONEST opinions and don't worry I won't be offended!


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  • You are experienced and better than tiny young adults :) You should be confident about your attractivity. Image is nothing, thirst is everything :)

    • Thank you for the vote...
      I would like to watching you right now, alone in a room and you are striping, regarding in my eyes ;)

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  • If a man is judging you for stretch marks and perkiness of your breast then it's probably best not to have sex with that person again.

    • I agree. The thing is, you're not going to know until it happens. It would knock my confidence even more if that happened!

  • Nope that's why they're called milfs

  • Younger men might be. As long as she hasn't let herself go it doesn't put me off.

    • How young would you say? I am 23 so I class myself in the young adult bracket.

    • I'd say it depends what he's used to. If he tends to date younger women. If he's used to tight young bodies he might be a little disappointed. Women vary a lot, some start to noticeably droop in their mid twenties whether they've had children or not.

      Honestly though most guys, especially guys in their mid to late 20's and older aren't that concerned about it and the ones that are are not the kind you want anyway.

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