Why is misogyny not accepted if its something that's duely deserved?

If females want the benefits of a well functioning integrated group but will not integrate into it and demand the role of leadership of said group and if refused will shred of their emotions to destroy what they could'nt get must not be allowed to exist alongside them. I BELIEVE THIS IS THE REAL REASON WHY HUMANITY AND HISTORY EXPRESESS GREAT MISOGYNYS AND I FEEL JUSTIFIED BECAUSE ITS THE RIGHT THING TO DO I DONT BUY THAT LOAD OF BULLSHIT THAT MEN OPPRESSED WOMEN BECAUSE OF PHYSICAL WEEKNESSES THATS JUST A LOAD OF CRAP.
-an anti feminist
Just because i have these views does'ent mean i am willing to shove it down your throats and i want to understand your feelings and why you feel your view that misogyny is unjustified is the right way for the world.

  • i feel that misogyny in the world is justified as per their actions
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  • i feel its not justified because... explain below
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  • ... dude, misogyny is sexism against women. Being in favor of misogyny is being biased against all women. Of course that's not cool.

    That's like saying "I'm in favor of racism against black people." Not cool. It's not cool to be biased against an entire group of people.

    • It being cool or not is irrelevant to the issue here.

    • Being biased against an entire group of people is not justified.

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