I constantly feel threatened by other girls of my gender. How can I stop feeling like this without getting hurt?

I'm a deeply paranoid person when I come across another girl around my own age that seems to have it all working out better than me, that thought or feeling leads me to thinking they will sabotage me and do malicious things to make themselves better than me. Its different when I have a boyfriend because I know most of my boyfriends are committed to me even though at one stage these girls were imitating me trying to piss me off and one kept staring at the guy I was with at one stage. In my life, I had one girl backstabbed me and went with my boyfriend two days after breaking up with me.

Its unfair to say I'm pathetic for feeling like that but its in my instinct where I need to protect myself because I can't trust anyone. They will do anything to compete or sabotage me no matter what and to the point this is when I can become resentfully isolative, and I'm insecure in my own self esteem because I felt like no one would be friends with me. I used to be really nice but because I have been treated like crap in the past, I can't let myself be in the same position. Most of the time the reason why everyone didn't want to get to know me is because they knew I suffered with mild autism, so I try to hide it but everyone sees it as a weakness. I hate feeling like this and it lead me to having depression while I take medication for ir. What do I do about feeling like this? I hate it. I just want to get out of it


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  • Well from your picture you are quite attractive and I bet in a unique way with your hair and all. It looks like you are just trying to be you, without worrying about how to fit in with the other girls. Not a bad thing at all but just find one girl outside the popular crowd that you can trust. A girl who hangs with the cool kids but isn't in the click.

    You aren't paranoid not to trust most girls that are popular but don't let it make you isolate or insecure. News flash the only reason they are so mean is because you are a threat. Seriously. I wouldn't wage war against them without being attacked verbally first but once they do say something shitty you have the upper hand. So slam them down with an insult you had waiting in your pocket.

    You can be nice to everyone else and always should be because others respect that. But if some mean girl at your lunch table tries to put you down shut her down and put her in her place. She will be shocked and without a comeback. You aren't a carpet.

    Ultimately these girls don't matter. Boyfriend or no boyfriend don't show weakness. If you see them being mean to or targeting another student openly go and comfort or show support for that student. Other students will appreciate it and see it as compassionate and brave. Mean girls only get away with it because others fear being the next victim. They already victimize you so what more do you have to lose?

    This obese kid and really ugly kid who looked like he was 40 used to be made fun of by one guy in my group at lunch and the others would follow. Actually both of these guys were really smart but ce from trashy families so they didn't take honor classes.

    My friends didn't make fun everyday and sometimes I was distracted but the girls in our group at least said a little something when the guys made fun of them.

    Finally I said something to the main guy one time which basically was that he has 20 friends sitting around him at a table, is good looking and has a car so why he F does he think it is necessary to make these guys' life worse. He has what they don't. No one said anything but I knew they agreed. He did it once more but no one joined in this time and he was embarrassed and blamed me. No worries.

    • As retaliation he nominated the QB and the girl the QB cheated on his girlfriend of three years to be prom kind and queen. Me and my boyfriend also had to stand on stage as runner up. And from that night on all kinds of girls tried to get with him. He went from being a redneck no desirable to prime meat.

      Bottom line it is his actions not theirs that matter. Go with your instincts. You should blindly trust anyone those girls will try to get with him but it is between the two of you to decide if he is trustworthy.