This guy keeps inviting me to his parties where I dont know anyone?

so i got invited to a party by a guy im assuming likes me. I have been to his parties before, and the people that are normally there are people that works or used to work at this volunteer place.

All the people there are really nice and including, but when i workd as an volunteer for a semester i didn't really contect with anyone.. So at the internparties and events we went on i felt alone, no one was really my friend, they were just people i work with.

I dont go out a lot at all.. and one part of me is considering going just to get to know them better and be social. But this other part of me imagines myself just sitting there, not really having anyone to talk to.. Most people there have know eacother for a long time. so its only naturel for them to want to talk to eacother rather then the kinda quiet girl they dont even know.

Even the guy that invites me barely talks to me unless he asks me if i want a drink or when he is wasted. So i dont know what to do.. a part of me really wants to get out of my comfortzone and go out more because i want to date too, but i dont want to end up drunk and walking home alone.. again


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  • Many was too look at this.

    He needs someone to take out that acts as a date.

    He is introducing you too the people he knows.

    He is a bit shy.

    • Im assuming all of them, but thats not what I am conserned about

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    • He may see or think about things in a different way to you and I.

    • well.. thats true

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