Have you ever crushed on someone who you thought you would never fall for?

Okay so at the beginning of the year, there was this guy immediately I couldn't stand him, he's obnoxious, cocky, and annoying, but then when we get back from winter break I had another class with him and I noticed that he was different, I think because he only has one friend in gym that he doesn't act the way he normally does, maybe he is acting like the real him, we have talked a few times and I keep trying to tell myself I don't like him because of the way he is, but I find myself starring st him in class. I like him, but not only is he obnoxious he so out of my league. He's popular, he play basketball and football, he hangs out with the popular girls, and he is insanely cute. I'm just Maggie shy girl with the secret smarts who plays softball and doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut


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  • Yep that sounds like me! I met this guy and all we did was argue. He honestly pissed me off and the only reason I talked to him was to insult him. He's this really hot and muscular 6'4 dude and he's a football player. He doesn't do serious relationships but as we kept talking I started to see more than a cocky arrogant football player and I just saw him for who he really was. It was very hard for me to understand why he wanted me to be his girlfriend because I'm super short like 5'1 and I don't think I'm all that beautiful and he said he only hooked up with y'all blondes. I can't play sports because I just suck. We are complete opposites he's tall im short he plays football I play the guitar he hates school and I can never seen to pull myself away from books. But we work we bring out the best and learn how to balance out the bad. We are working out great and I can see myself with him forever honestly which is weird because I never would have pictured him as the guy I would end up with. I think your relationship can definitely work out because you know what they say:opposites attract and it's so true.

    • Aww that's so sweet! I wish it was easier

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    • Uh no, he is so out of my league he probably likes one of the popular girls and I have t told any of my friends how I feel about him because they will flame me because I used to complain about him SO much

    • Hey message me and we can talk about it If you want because I know exactly how you feel lol

  • So many times. So many. In the past year I have dealt with that a lot.

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