Do you like brown sauce?

I've just eaten a bacon sarnie, it was awesome, but sadly we were out of brown sauce so its just not the same... It was still good though.

do you like brown sauce?

true brits will know what brown sauce is, and those of you who dont know, i suggest you look into it!

  • I love brown sauce
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  • brown sauce is ok
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  • i hate brown sauce
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  • wtf is brown sauce?
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  • Ehh, it's fine, just not the best. I prefer bacon sarnies just on their own, and if I have sausages then I use ketchup.


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  • I really have to be in the mood for it. Generally I prefer red sauce!

    I used to get breakfast baguettes that had bacon, egg and black pudding, and drizzled with brown sauce. The guy in the breakfast van making them was so huge he filled the whole kitchen. They were superb.

    • i know the type all too well.

      the greasy white van in the motorway layby! i used to stop at the same place on my way to work.

    • You remember that ad on TV showing bacon cooking saying "are you thinking of ketchup, and soft white bread? GO TO THE KITCHEN."

      Bastards. It worked too well.

  • I love brown sauce, it's amazing with bacon

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