When you address someone as "sweet" are you calling them a pushover?

So I sub at High School close to home sometimes, and today the school asked me to cover a class for an hour in addition to the other class I was subbing for. When the students were coming in one student said "Hey it's sweet." It's not my name and I didn't pay attention to it until I realized I had this kid in another class and he said the same thing before. The next time I see him I'm going to set him straight on how to address me but I was wondering about your thoughts on the issue.


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  • I think it might be more of an attraction. In my generation we use cool instead of sweet.. As a word to describe something we like.

    • I've been called sweet before (not by the students) as an adverb but not as a pronoun.

    • I do agree with you about setting him straight he should learn how to treat people with a little respect well interacting with people of authority

    • Yeah, dealing with some of the high schoolers at this particular school is troublesome. Especially when they live to defy authority figures. Being a sub doesn't help much either since some students have little to no respect for them.

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