Why does my father go through the rubbish bin?

Currently I'm living with my father and I threw out a pair of Apple earphones that did not work at all and he went into the bin and fished them out. Also, I've thrown out a pair of shoes that had some holes in them and he went and fished them out too. He's said I worship the house as an idol and he has to sell it so I do not do that anymore. Also he has said he will disown me because I did not say hello and be friendly to one of his friends (this friend of his has told him to kick me out several times). So, what's going on here? WHy does he do that kind of stuff? I don't know what to say thanks


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  • I didn't understsnd this bit: "He's said I worship the house as an idol and he has to sell it so I do not do that anymore." huh? worship house, sell, what?

    anyway, maybe he has some hoarding issues? I know people that can't throw anything away, because they "might" need it for spare parts some day...
    After he fishes broken things from the garbage, what does he do with them?

    and if you can't take his strange antics anymore, move out...

    • I just asked him why he has to go through the bin and then he said that. I am moving out, obviously. But I just want to know what's with him? It's seriously weird behaviour.
      He was using the headphones straight from the bin (mind you they don't work).

    • I really don't know either what's up with him. Can he give you a reason other than worshiping his house (odd enough in my book)?

      Some cookies are just broken I guess...

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  • Most likely cookoo for cocoa puffs if he is listening to non existent music.


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  • Well for one ask him. Don't put anything else into the rubbish bin before asking him if he wants it. Get out of the house more. Try building a better relationship with your dad. If all else fails, move out.

    • He only wants me to do "what he says". Time to go I think

  • Man, I wish I woulda' been there to snag them headphones, I need a new cord.