Have you ever posted something and got disappointed in getting a lame response?

For instance you post something which seemed like a good topic and after many hours of being unanswered, the only reply was a ''yes it is'' or a very vague one.

Sure it's better than nothing but ughhh, it's like it wasn't a true, real answer.

In the end, it still feels like it wasn't really answered.


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  • I have had it happen on several occasions actually

    • yeah that must suck...
      Good thing you can disavow a question here whereas if it's on yahoo, your question still stays with that lame answer.

    • I have heard that you can do that but I have yet to figure out how to do that

  • Yes... in fact all but one of my questions on here ended up being like that. I would get maybe 2-3 responses when other people got 20 responses for their answers. The only exception so far was my most recent question about subcultures. Quite a lot of people seemed to be interested in that. It's one of the reasons I don't ask a lot of questions. People here seem to like my responses to their questions but not so much my questions. But it's okay, I don't take offence ;-).


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