I am sad panda?

My pc broken with all my info and photos inside...
Plus my phone delete all passwords and i kept all my photos at dropbox, now i can't log in in it
Seems like all my photo just lost and will never be found... so pity... a lot of memories from travels...
Where online keep photos?


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  • you can still recover all of your files

    it truly is amazing what can be recovered even from damaged circuit boards and integrated circuits. truly fucking amazing.

    but I'm assuming all of your hardware is perfectly fine, therefore, all of your files are able to be recovered. but explaining this process to you won't help unless you're computer savvy, which I assume you are not because you think your files are lost forever. I'll give you the basics, remove your hard drive, hook it up to another computer and make it a slave drive to said computer, then connect an external hard drive to it and run a recovery tool software to recover any and all file types you wish to extract from said hard drive. depending on how many files you have and what you choose to save, this process can takes hours to days.


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  • if the hard drive is still good they can be retrieved. the missing password for drop box contact them they might help

  • There must be a "forgot password" recovery thing for dropbox that you can use.

  • imgur does but whats wrong with your pc? there's probably a way to recover it if the hdd/ssd didn't die out


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