I watch my crushes snapchat numbers and instagram following. Clearly I don't have any trust. How do I stop obsessing?

When I say I watch snapchat numbers I mean that I keep tabs on his number and when he sends a snapchat out I can generally tell before I open it if it's just to me, to a group, or if he's having a conversation because the numbers go up in groups of 2.
And then on instagram I will watch who he follows, the pictures that he likes, and who follows him.

I know I don't have trust because my last relationships have ended from me finding out they are cheating via social media. I'm really trying to fix this problem for myself because I want to be in a trusting relationship.


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  • You sound very stalkerish.

    Keyword is "crush" he isn't your boyfriend, and even if he was you can't invade peoples privacy like that. You need to remember everyone is different, and just because your last boyfriend was a total douche, doesn't mean your crush is, calm down and keep yourself occupied so you don't feel the need to do that.

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