Guys who can't get girlfriends have horrible personalities or have too hight standars?

So i was watching this show where people get help with their economy, and the latest episode made me think. My reaction was "if this guy can get a girlfriend, then most guys should be able to get a girlfriend too"..

He had about 100 000 US dollars i debt, he had a thinnig hair line, short, he borrowed 330 US dollars from his girlfriend every month, not in good shape (skinny with a beer gut) and he was very shy when i met is girlfriend according to her. And he was able to get a cute, skinny girlfriend.

When she described him she said he was a nice guy with a good heart.. it made me think that those guys who can't get a girlfriend, and complain about it, must seriously have the worst personality ever or have very high standars or something...

I dont understand why they complain so friking much.. whats your opinion on this?


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  • There's a bunch of stories like this but it's not necessarily because the guy was all that it's just that the girl didn't care who she was with as long as she liked them. Most girls are not like that their standards are too high, they keep their options open until several months into dating, they play games, the suck at communication, they are selfish, make you jump through hoops etc. It also doesn't help that most women are a poor judge of character when it comes to men add all this stuff together and you wind up with a bunch of single dudes that have to fight for a girls attention... Just to get a text back.

    • You know this for facts or are you bacing this on some few girls?

    • If by a few you mean a fee dozen then yes. Plus hundreds of forums and people explaining the same scenarios. Hell even the gay goodish looking I know complain about how shitty and inconsistent dl straight/bi women are.

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  • I think the 3 major reasons people stay single
    1. Not approachable, play hard to get or games, remain uninterested in pursuing relationships for whatever reason, do things to create 'barriers' , etc
    2. Shy, homely, and don't put themselves out there
    3. Only seek out people that are not interested in the type of person that they are.

    • I guess. . But, and I should have mentioneind it at the start, when I asked this question I was refering to a lot of the questions and comments guys on here that say that women only want tall, Rich and handsome guys and thats the reason they aren't getting laid or get girlfriends. This was kinda a way of calling them out on their bullshit. I totally forgot to mentione this

  • Just love...

    • They complain because of love?

  • What show was this? How did he do it? There are plenty of guys who would kill to know his secret. Apparently he could start a dating advice or match making service, and get out of debt rather quickly.

    The only thing that gives me pause is, how long have the been together? It is much easier to "get" a girlfriend than to get and keep a girlfriend, which is what most guys are talking about.

    • its called "luksusfellen", unless you're scandinavian im sure you have never heard about it. Im not sure how long they had been togheter, but they were planning to get married and have kids after they the debt was paid off and they had bought a house.. And he was a big gamer who collected tons of cartoons, not saying its anything wrong with that, but they mentioned that at he at one point would play WOW uptil 20 hours a day

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    • So where would be a good place to visit as a tourist, would you say?

    • Bergen, Trondheim and maybe even Tromsø

  • So what are the girls who can't get boyfriends?

    • Have High standards, selective or extremly ugly probarly

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    • Well yes and no... yes about the high standards and no about the looks.. more girls Who aren't horrible unattractive finds a partner easier than unattractive men. But I know a lot of women Who are single, that gets approach a lot, and they can't get boyfriends because there are few boyfriend material guys out ther..

    • Good point

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