What is your most memorable culinary mistake?

i just started make speghetti sauce and i though i would ask everyone about any culinary mistake you might have made
the first one was when i was high school i worked at mc donalds and i had to make the morning biscuits and they turned out as hard as a hocky puck. they had me remake them and the same thing happened i was banned from biscuit making
the other was when the wife and i first got married and i tried to make a beef stew it was so bad nether one of use could eat it.
to this day i still dont know what i did wrong with these 2 dishes


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  • Haha I used to work at McDonald's too, I burnt the biscuits on more than one occasion. But I mostly remember the time I tried making a heart-shaped cake for Valentine's Day. I tried cutting the cake into the shape of a heart while it was still warm and the entire cake crumbled which made it nearly impossible to icing. I tried anyway and ended up with a pile of cake crumbs slathered in gobs of icing. :)

    • mc donalds taught me one thing i could feel my self even if it was a burger and fries :-) regarding the cake i learned the hardway also about letting it cool before handling it

    • Yea I messed up quite abit when they'd stick me in the kitchen at McDonalds, and yea I blame the cake mess up on that tv show "Cake Boss" lol they're the ones that put all those ideas in my head.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • I had a desire for apple juice, so I collected 13 large and juicy apples, I diced them and hand squeezed the juice through a cheese cloth, collecting it in a bucket. Making a huge mess in the process, I added spices nutmeg, cloves, and what I thought was cinnamon through the batch in the microwave only to find out I mistook cyan for cinnamon. Drank it anyway, after all of that work I wasn't going to throw it away.


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  • I cooked a treacle pudding for 3 days straight and it was burnt on the outside and raw in the middle.

    Otherwise I'm actually okay!!!

    • i have never heard of that type of pudding i'm going to have to look it up

    • It's basically suet pudding with golden syrup. You put the syrup in a bowl, put the suet mix on top and boil. Serve by flipping upside down and all the treacle trickles down. I used too much syrup though so it didn't work :(

  • Some eggshell in my hot cakes.

    I didn't eat eggs for a year.

    • egg shells are hard to swallow i'm surprised it didn't take longer to eat them again.

    • I didn't swallow, I threw up when I bit it.

      I know, I thought I would never eat them again.

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  • Making cookies, I didn't quite follow the recipe and thing got me sick, maybe not, but whatever.

    • my biggest flop with cookies is my wife wanted oatmeal cookies so i got a recipy off line didn't look at how many it made. i proceded to make the cookies and by the time i was done i had 24 dozen cookies i didn't even like

    • that's kind of funny lol. Reminds me of my brother when he made spaghetti... a mountain of noodles with hardly any sause and mean to go with it.

    • and meat