Death, Jesus, Emotions, Oh My?

So, I'm having a hard time with life right now.

Since my grandfather passed away, I've been feeling a little closer to God and have been finding myself listening to Hymns and praises and worship songs and reading quotes from the Bible. I was baptised Catholic and my grandfather grew up Catholic and raised my mother and uncle that way.

My mom abandoned her faith when my great-uncle committed suicide when she was ten and then that November, my grandfather's mother passed away from Cancer. She found Wicca. I began following Wicca at age 13. I am now 20. I've been a Solitary Witch for 7 almost 8 years. But, as forementioned, I find myself comforted by Churches, the Bible, praise songs, etc. This all began the day before we had his wake. I'm extremely confused.

I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but I guess my question is:

Why is it that I never believed in God when I was growing up, but when my Papa passed away is when I began to yearn for God again and began becoming more devout?


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  • I think we all harbor a certain innate longing for God, which would seem altogether reasonable if He is in fact our creator. As Atheists are notoriously absent from foxholes, this mindset seems more removed when one mourns the passing-on of a loved one. Add to this that we all seem to possess moral "motions", and I should think anyone would be inclined to dig deeper.


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  • Maybe you need to feel that there is something more than just this life that there is something else after death, i'm not sure but sometimes this happens it could be some kind of calling, sorry about your grandpa.

    • Thank you. I just think it's a bit out of left field. But being a medium doesn't help because I have seen him in "visions" crossing over and entering "The gates of heaven". Maybe it's just me wanting to be near him again. But thank you for the opinion.

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  • When you were young you couldn't really understand the deeper meaning of God. It was just stories. I am far from a good Catholic but I believe quite strongly. deep down I think you feel God in your life, I know that is how I feel.

    • I am a Medium and I always believe that it is my grandfather's way of telling me he is home with God and that there is a heaven to look forward to.

    • I feel much the same way.

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