Im afraid of very attractive guys?

so from the few experiences i have had with really cute guys im kinda "afraid" of them. On dating apps the are always the guys that wants to come over and wants me to come over, or they are really cocky etc. The one really cute guy i "dated"( dont know what we were doing) wasn't interested in a relationship and im sure he was trying to play me (he didn't get any though). But i should mentione that i have met a lot of average guys who are cocky too

So even if im really attracted to them there is no way i would date them because i feel like they are players or that they sleep around or just really aware of their attractiveness hence they are cocky or arrogant

I think thats the main reason i for the most part only date average guys, i feel like they are safer and that there is a slimmer chance they haven't or won't sleep around. im not sure if i have this irrational "fear" or not, but im afraid i'll never find the guy for me.. i want that exciting feeling i get when im with attractive guys (that one guy i kinda dated), it was a feeling i have never had before and it was very exciting, and he turned me on so much.. but he wasn't willing to give me what i wanted, and vice versa.. and it just sucks big time


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  • Come over and cocky = wants some tail only most of the time

    • i know.. and i always feel a bit insulted when they say that.. its like "do i look like a slut to you?" or i think "please, you're not THAT hot" and then i laugh a little

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    • @Aeon_Flux_21 what kind of talky?

    • i hope so lol

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  • I'm going to massively oversimplify here.

    For a one night stand all guys will take almost any girl. Top 60 percent
    For a one night stand most girls will take only the cutest guys. Top 5 percent

    For long term most guys want only the cute-er girls say about the top 35 percent
    For long term all girls want the top ten percent of guys.

    And therein lies the anguish.

  • It's very easy. You get your attractive guy. Don't give in to your sex drive. And just date him. If he won't leave you alone about sex, then leave him and move on to the next attractive guy. Sex isn't everything. Some guys believe this.

  • That is so unfair to "Average" guys. Just go after the hot guys. Don't waste the average guys time.

    • i know.. but i want to date.. so im working myself up i guess

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    • just do what? it takes to to date, if the hot guy doesn't like me, that won't help me will it?

    • Well according to your post some have shown interest

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