What jobs should I apply for?

So, now I'm 16 i'm allowed to work. Well, my mom doesn't give me responsiblity so right now we are having the silent treatmnet... (Hurting inside and she doesn't know)

So, she had my hopes up for getting me a car for my birthday. I know the best dealership but she denies it. I need a car, or I watched this stupid 2 hour video for nothing for the DPS. I have martial arts and she doesn't understand how I feel. It's like everything is about her. I help her A LOT, I hardly even ask for her for anything. I'm devasted right now, but she goes off I don't understand what she's going through at work. I let her freakin work long time hours, the hours she wants. She cutted hours just for me just because of martial arts. I need a job. I need to start saving up... Now, she's paying for an insurance that we don't even have a car.

The car is on sale for a good deal! I even talked with the manager. They are the best dealership in the cities rated 5 stars. They have a lot of benefit they won't charge for. I need to save up to $13,900 for 2014 volkswagen. I can't wait another months or 2 other wise the certificate will expire in 90 days.


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  • I don't know any minimum wage job that will get you $14 grand in 90 days.

    I recommend getting a cheaper, more used car. My first car was around $6,000.

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