What does this quote mean to you?

"She knew what I wanted, her tiny smile told me."
Charles Bukowski


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  • It can mean many different things given the context.

    To me, I picture a man and a woman locking eyes, and the woman reads in his glance what he's after. She responds by smiling and giggling under her breath.

    By the way, Bukowski. 💚 What a cynical, cold bastard. - - - >

    "Never envy a man his lady. Behind it all lays a living hell."

    • What's the man after? In your opinion

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    • Thanks for the longer excerpt!!! That clearly explains it!

    • You're welcome

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  • i just imagined a woman smirking at a man. some kind of message conveyed by that smirk.

    • What could the "she knew what I wanted" mean? Any ideas on that?

    • I thought it was a reference to... sex possibly. It could be anything, but sex is what I thought of first. So her smirk told him that she knew he wanted her, sexually.

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  • I think she knew he wanted to fuck her because she's attractive and has men trying to all the time. She smirked because it's another guy trying to get in her pants and she finds it amusing. That's just what I think at least.


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  • That you've both got some sort of connection. You've read that by her smile, she meant something and you knew exactly what it was and that personally is beautiful. To know exactly what each other's body movements and actions mean in terms of lustful needs or thoughts is amazing.

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