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I dont know why my question is automatically going to sexual behavior, im intending on putting it under a better category but it isn't being allowed so I don't know. But i don't know if you might have seen it on the news or not but I'm in an area in Michigan where the water is contaminated by lead. I'm scared to drink the water and I don't know if it is the water that has been affecting some of the people I know but some people have been having heart and mental problems appear out of no where. I can't sat for sure if its the water or not but I have an inkling that that is what it is. Anyway, I bought a relaxer about a month ago to put in at home but I have been hesitant to put it in. Obviously I have to use water to rinse it out thouroughly or it could seriously ruin my hair. But I haven't put it in because I don't know if its a good idea what with their being lead in the water. My hair is starting to get really frizzy and kinky and I am kind of ready to just out the relaxer in, but there is no way I will do so without knowing what will happen once it comes in contact with the water. Would it be safe to put my relaxer in?


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  • if your scared there might be lead in the water i would suggest buying a test kits to see if there is and how much. unless it's really high you should be fine for bathing and doing your hair including the relaxer. just dont ingest it unless properly filtered threw an approved filter.
    almost all pipes use to be lead or lead lined. i know a plummer in Wisconsin and he still runs into led pipes from time to time.

    • There is definatekt lead in the pipes. I have a filter but its only in my kitchen sink, not in the bathroom where I had intended to rinse out the relaxed. And the water in the filter only cokes out in very small amounts

    • i know it will be expensive but you might have to get a professional to posibley install a whole house filter system for lead removal. with out them totally replacing all the lead pipes in the city you will have this problem.

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    And I dunno how to help you in your issue. :/

    • Thanks I don't know why it automatically went to sexual behavior. But thanks anyway

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