What is the best thing you ever gave up?

For me it was to quit all of my social media. I am just tired of being bullied and depressed due to the comparing I do. Plus it a time waster. I will accomplish so much more if I cut the time I am on my phone in half. I get nothing out of social media I don't make any new friends.

The people I did talk to briefly in high school or whatever. Give me the silent treatment even if they are friends with me on any of my social media account. Facebook was the first one to be deleted. Never going back to that bullshit again.

I get the same feelings of depression when I am around my rich family. Yes I have rich family mainly on my grandma's side. I procrastinate even worse than I naturally do. I have several addictions 2 of the best ones I ever kicked was social media and smoking cigarettes. I cannot believe I ever smoked so nasty. I deleted most of them.
I only have to delete a few more accounts which will be easy since I never log on to them but I kept the passwords. Yet I am somewhat addicted to gambling now which worse than both combined. Oh and caffiene I love Starbuck's. And I am addicted to junk food. That is just name a few common ones that people have. And I love to shop like most women.

Name your roughest addiction (s) was it your one of best decisions ever?

My roughest ones were: Cigarettes, Pot, Alochol, Cough syrup, Adderall, Ecstasy, Engery drinks. Now I am drug and alochol free.

I apologise if this is too long.


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  • drinking soda

    now I drink like 3 water bottles a day

    • I used to drink 3 a day too. I don't know how I slept.

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