What's a good hypo allergenic dog breed?

Hey guys,

So my family is thinking about getting a dog soon, and both my sister and brother are hypo allergenic. Any super adorable hypo allergenic dogs that you have or know about?
Please don't say golden doodle because I already have one :)



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  • Anything hairless

  • Poodles are common for that purpose.

  • Bijon poodle yo

    • Go Bichon poodle mix... They aren't as wild as a poodle.. And they are just as smart! Smarter than a shit zu and less health problems than shi tzu, cockapoos are messy breeds Maltese are too small... I don't know much about snauzers but they are super cute haha.. I used to work at a pet store and specialized in selling hypo allergenic breeds... I would always go bichon all the way but I would try my best to get a bichon poodle mix because man... That poodle in them is just to die for... Without all that fussing they do... Well... It's easier to train them out of it... And they are a lot less nervous... Like chihuahuas and poodles tend to be.. Not as jumpy and super easy to potty train and super easy to train in general... These dogs are so smart you would almost be convinced that they have more common sense than some people HAHA! Go bich poo! Not much maintenance either!!! Don't have to brush them as much as you would a cockapoo and if you keep their hair tame (short) you won't

    • Have to deal with the dingle berries!!!

    • If I had a 2nd choice it would be snauzers just because they are so awesome looking... I know nothing of how smart they actually are... But they did always have a decent temperament when I went to feed them... Not calm obviously they are puppies.. But less crazy then a lot of others.. But!!! I urge you to rescue something!!! Most dogs from pet stores come from puppy mills... Unless you actually are getting it from a private breeder and I don't mean the Amish! Stay away from Ohio/Pennsylvania pet stores and breeders... They are all most likely from mills or bred in the same conditions

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