What's the difference between a dominant leader type and an entitled follower who no one pays attention to?

I want to make myself into a more powerful person. But whenever I try to assert power I always get shot down.

Plus in observing the leader and entitled follower types around me, they just look the same to me. The only difference being that people follow the leader types.


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  • "The loudest one in the room, is the weakest one"- American Gangster movie

    The people that you see in the media, celebs, politicians are chess pieces. They are nothing but chess pieces, the person behind the chess game has the power.

    You see a lot of people wish they are at the shoes of an NFL QB star, but id rather be the broker for the nfl team :).

    The puppet to puppetmaster (one who does the string pulling behind the curtain), is beyond evolutionary perspective. Its kind of a "new age" thing.