Was she being rude?

So I met with my career consultant, and she was being not responsive. So, for example, she was like, 'Yeah I have only 2 minutes left because I have a lot of work to do,' (evn though I was waiting to meet her).

Or, when I told her some law schools accept late applications, she was like smirking and said..."Sure"

I frowned and asked her why she was saying that, so she gave me some story of some girl who got in because her LSAT scores were good.

Before going when I was telling her I wanted to get into an MBA program (competitive), she said, 'Why don't you get in touch with their MBA program and find out?'

I was annoyed. Not only was she being rude, it's her fucking job to help students out. Who the hell is she to be condescending when her lack of education is making her pursue whatever job she's doing to begin with.


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  • Ask to see someone else next time.

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