Should I buy a used car (from a dealership) that had only 1 accident reported out of 11 years of it's existance?

according to the carfax report of the vehicle?

There's this used 2005 Toyota Camry LE that's for sale for $1,500, which is pretty darn cheap for a dealership-owned car. It had one car collision/accident reported back in 2010. However, the car only has 49,946 miles on the odometer as of right now.

For all it's cheap price, should I purchase it or not?

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  • I'd say it depends on the test drive.


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  • Depends on the test drive. My ex had that hear and model. Solid solid car

    • And that's super low miles. You'll get another 100-150 k without even trying

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  • I would think twice about buying it; only because it has been involved in an accident. Before purchasing said vehicle I would ask for a detailed report of what damage took place during the accident and what was done to fix the issues caused by it.

  • Everything depends on its mileage and condition. Are you sure that this report is decent? I`d recommend you to check your car online additionally . It`s the best vehicle history report service.


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