Would you take your ex back after you find out he is rebounding with the "slut" he said not to worry about?

"Slut" is what him and his friends called her. Towards the end of our relationship i saw a message on his fb messenger from her never checked but confronted him about it. He said that she was being friendly to him and his friends. And how they were talking briefly for weeks and she messaged him on fb. BUt he said their conversations were about me to begin with (what does that mean). And not to be angered by such women, just not to worry and how i should trust him. Well she came on to him and at the same time was flirting and approaching his friend. 2 months after our breakup i find out that this Monday they are going hiking with her friends and none of his friends want to go. But i am sure while on break up they have been messaging. BUt when she stops at their table, my friend is insider, she talks to my ex's friend and not him but her she is inviting him to hike. Which isn't a date according to his guy friend. Either way she was my best friends' ex and she slept with his friends and several other guys. My ex said he hated whores but now he is talking to one. WOuld you take you ex if he would do anything sexually with her? I don't know anymore... My friend said he probably feels lonely after our breakup and is using her as a distraction and since she is easy: she will give him whatever (head etc) My ex and i were eachother's first loves and never had sex. We were together for nearly a year. Weeks prior to our break up he wanted me to go visit spend Thanksgiving with dad's family ( a first) all expense paid. I don't know if he loved me anymore after hearing this

Would you take your ex boyfriend back if he got with a "slut" after the breakup?
Like they don't know how stupid it is because it lessens their chance


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  • Actually a couple girls have done that to me

    • What have they done to you?

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    • Honestly I've kinda been through a similar situation like this and it's been really hard to say to them so can't say talk you I would and I think your in similar feelings?

    • I think i am going crazy imagining stuff sometimes. Like i found out he is going out to the movies with her and his guy friend. That doesn't sound like they have anything right. But on Monday he will go hiking with her and 2 of her girl friends

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