Why is he reminding me that he has my phone number will he call?

We work together. Everyone thinks he likes me. He claims he is just being friendly. But he gives me a lot of extra attention. He's always coming into my office or asking me to come to his. He "nonchalantly" asked for my number.

He always joins the conversations I am in.

Yesterday he asked me to come to his office for like no reason. He asked me if he spelled my name right even though my name is on many places in the computer and office. Then he took out his phone and said "see your number is saved. Did I spell it right? I guess I could have just looked on the computer."

my name isn't that complicated. Is he reminding me that he's got my number? do you think he'll call?


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  • He might but don't freak out if he doesn't

  • Based on your non reaction, if it were me I wouldn't call.

    • What do you mean?

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    • Huh?

    • I don't understand why you are confused

  • Maybe he's waiting to see what your reaction is.
    say something clever back to him.


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