If he's always joining my conversations and coming j to my office and calling me over for no reason is he into me?

He gives me flirty eyes when we pass each other. He always catches my eyes and sometimes also gives me a flirty smile. He stands very close. I catch him staring at me.

He often comes into my office sometimes several times a day just to chat or ask me random stuff. Never to talk about work. He also calls me to his office a lot for no reason. He made a joke that my office is really his office and I may as well be in his office.

He always listens to my conversations in the hall and comes out to join or starts talking to me in the middle.

He offered to walk outside with me to my car in front of other coworkers.

he told me he'll pick me up if I can't reach the shelf.

He claims he's just being friendly but it seems like more to me. Other people in the office think he's into me

there's another girl our age too. He almost never talks to her at all.


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  • Not necessarily. Hebmay want your friendship. Or even just your attention at work.